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Founded in 2008 by Steven, ABEST JEWELRY offers thousands of high-quality jewelry designs at reasonable prices with no minimum order. All backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and legendary customer service.Discover the comfort and classic styles of our Men's Ring, Women's Jewelry along with ABEST JEWELRY. No matter what we sell, from Jewelcad Jewelry Design and Master Model to Rubber Mold Cutting, you can count on ABEST JEWELRY for quality and value every day.

Jewelry By Jewelry Designs

At Jewelry Designs we realize the significance a piece of jewelry can have in your life. After all it is our chosen field of endeavor. At our unique jewelry store in western Connecticut we do more than just sell fashion jewelry, we make it. Fine platinum, gold, diamond and gemstone fashion jewelry is made right here in our jewelry store everyday. We design rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings here in our jewelry factory at incredibly high quality standards. With our team of master jewelers, extensive factory, and gallery it is no wonder Jewelry Designs is a leader in jewelry sales and service.

Jewelry Service

Along with all of the pride and accountability we have in our jewelry comes our commitment to service. The best part of owning jewelry from Jewelry Designs is our service. We are flattered when you choose to purchase fine jewelry with us, and seeing as we have so many unique capabilities at our disposal our comprehensive shop and master jewelers are always on hand to serve you. Our goal is to be your jeweler for life, and we strive to satisfy your every jewelry shopping need.

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